Blade IT Voice Cloud is a leading customisable Hosted PBX Telephone system, encompassing the latest in unified communications (UCaaS) technology with the ultimate in flexibility and reliability. Offering cheaper call rates, a complete range of VoIP Telephony features and the choice of buying or renting your handsets, softphones or smartphone apps. Experience the freedom, control and productivity a powerful cloud-based telephony solution has to offer, tailor-made to meet your business’s needs.

Benefits of Blade IT Voice Cloud PBX

Keep Your Existing Number

Geographic numbers (e.g. 011, 021) can be ported from any existing service provider to a United Voice package. Once ported, you can then take your number with you wherever you go within South Africa, ensuring you never lose your telephone number..

Scalability and Flexibility

Cloud-based solutions give your business the flexibility to easily move premises, downsize, expand or terminate whenever you choose. Add or subtract users and telephone lines as and when needed in no time! What’s more, you are not tied down to long term contracts, you can simply subscribe on a month to month agreement.

Simple Setup

With a cloud PBX the bulk of the setup is done before delivery takes place while multiple sites can be set up at once, allowing for the rapid installation of the solution. Blade IT Voice Cloud will minimize your business’s downtime and ensure office continuity with redundancy measures including; automatic failover, a second backup server and firewall.

Ultimate Convenience

Say goodbye to on-premise PBX systems that require expensive components, timeous on-site technical support and quickly become redundant over time. Since Blade IT Voice Cloud is hosted in the cloud, updates and upgrades take place automatically at no cost or inconvenience to you.

Freedom and Control

We are putting the power in your hands, you can now control your business’s expenses and employee productivity by remotely managing your PBX system in real-time straight from your desktop or phone. For the first time, you can edit settings, modify your extensions, set up voicemail, retrieve call recordings and more!

State of The Art Telephony

With the ability to seamlessly integrate with most CRM systems, Blade IT Voice Cloud is a complete Communications solution, integrating all forms of business communication into one platform. While a built-in Telephone Management System tracks your team’s performance & productivity with real-time and historical reports.

An advanced business phone system for everyone

Effortless business class telephony

  • Call queuing
  • Ring Groups
  • Voice menus
  • Voice mail
  • Conference calling
  • Call recording
  • Caller blacklists
  • Fax
  • Audio playback
  • Internal numbers
  • Call pick-up
  • Record on demand
  • Call transfer

Integrate with your existing business tools

  • Interconnect with any service provider
  • Compatibility with 3rd party SIP devices (IP phones, softphones, web apps, SIP boxes)
  • Dropbox
  • FTP
  • Email
  • Google drive
  • OneDrive
  • Call event notifications
  • Global phone numbers

Tailored configurations to suit every business

  • Call forwarding (SIP, PSTN, SIP LINE)
  • Attended and unattended transfers
  • Interconnected multiple instances of™
  • SIP trunk configuration
  • Multi-language support
  • Real-time configuration
  • Remote management

Simple to read statistics you’ve always asked for

  • Call distribution charts
  • Lost call charts
  • Call statistics per user
  • Detailed CDRs

Tired of being tied down?

We will audit your current system for you at no charge and to advise you on
how you can get connected to our platform

VoIP gives you the chance to take better control over your monthly expenditure
and you will soon find
that things like dropped calls or fuzzy lines are a thing of the past…

Pricing Plans & Call Rates


top up
R50 Monthly
  • LTD PBX Features
  • Per Second Billing
  • Top up anytime
  • Minutes Don`t expire
  • Includes 30 minutes
  • Works via VoIP Apps
  • Keep current number
  • Works on VoIP phones
  • Geographical Numbers
  • Cancel anytime


R250 Monthly
  • Full PBX Features
  • Per Second Billing
  • Top up anytime
  • Minutes Don`t expire
  • Includes 100 minutes
  • Works via VoIP Apps
  • Keep current number
  • Works on VoIP phones
  • Geographical Numbers
  • CRM Integrated


R500 Monthly
  • Full PBX Features
  • Per Second Billing
  • Top up anytime
  • Minutes Don`t expire
  • Includes 300 minutes
  • Works via VoIP Apps
  • Keep current number
  • Works on VoIP phones
  • Geographical Numbers
  • CRM Integrated

Frequently Asked Questions

As the name suggests, a cloud PBX is an IP-based business phone system that is provided and accessed completely through the internet as opposed to hosting the software on a server in the office. It uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP; both SIP and RTP) technology to make and receive phone calls and provides more features than a traditional on-premise PBX phone system. With the Blade IT Cloud PBX value proposition, employees can get access to their office extension and collaboration suite from anywhere provided that they have a reliable internet connection. Our cloud PBX is also completely customisable for the unique requirements of your business with on-demand features that scale from one to thousands of users as needed, whether you are in South Africa or somewhere else in the world. Furthermore, it delivers the integration support needed whether it is for a back office environment or a contact centre.
A hosted PBX is offered by a service provider that hosts physical servers running the company’s services at a separate location. Users typically access the service via a direct network connection. Furthermore, a hosted PBX solution is scaled to a specific size with uniform features for all users. A hosted PBX is bespoke and is therefore limited in how it can be customised after the fact. Generally, companies who handle a large number of calls opt for a hosted PBX which can be cost prohibitive for smaller SMEs. Even so, the hosted PBX is fast making way for a cloud based PBX solution due to the scalability, redundancy, and customisability on offer. A virtual PBX enables users to access PBX services remotely using the internet. This form of virtual computing is essentially a piece of software housed in a data centre. Unlike a cloud PBX offering, virtual PBX solutions provide only basic functionality such as only being able to transmit incoming calls and routing them to the appropriate person. Often, these systems are used in conjunction with call forwarding services to reach employees who are out of the office. However, more companies are favouring cloud PBX systems to virtual ones due to how it can easily scale from one to millions of users. A cloud PBX system is a complete VoIP service hosted in the cloud that delivers a comprehensive list of unified communication services, back office, and call centre functionality without requiring the installation of additional hardware. It is built to scale and can easily cater for millions of subscribers or deliver functionality for just a handful of people. As with any cloud-based solution, a cloud PBX has security and redundancy built into the platform, and delivers 99.9999% uptime. It is typically billed on a usage basis and is customisable to a per-user level.
A cloud PBX is more cost-effective than traditional phone systems. And because it is cloud-based there is no downtime. In the event of a power failure, calls can simply be forwarded to employees’ mobile phones. It features an easy-to-use interface and is completely scalable ensuring the company can add and remove users, devices, and functionality as required in real-time. Some of the commonly selected cloud PBX features range from call distribution, call recording, conferencing, internal and external integrated messaging platforms, and a single inbox for email, voicemail, and fax communication.
You have 3 different ways to make cloud PBX calls. 1: Using a VoIP handset which you plug into your router. These are available to purchase from Blade IT and can be added to your order. 2: Using a VoIP App that you can install onto your computer desktop or mobile phone via the phone’s app store. Blade IT recommends the Zoiper App. 3: You can use your existing telephone handset and purchase an adapter.
If you want to keep your existing number you can port your number. Email your telkom bill. Be aware this can take some time and does depend on the status of your current line.

Call us today on +27 (031) 023 1100 to learn more.

It’s time to experience a reliable and flexible telephone company that helps your business save money too. Liberate your business today! Get a PBX phone system from BLADE IT


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