About Our Organisation

Blade IT is formed by a group of most talented and experienced IT security professionals. We have analyzed various security incidents in the past decades, studied the best-in-class IT security solutions in the world, and act as security advisors to our customers.

Implementation of IT Security is a complex process, it involves:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Identification of threats and vulnerabilities
  • Decision Management – a balance between operation and security control
  • Control Implementation – a proactive measurement to prevent security incident
  • Effective Review – to learn and improve
Blade IT makes use of our knowledge in IT security field and works closely with customer, helping customers to enhance their IT security measurement and providing the best security solution in town.



We are leaders in our chosen market and promise to:-

  • Live our values
  • Fulfill our mission
  • Be a proactive and motivated team
  • Expand our client base through developing meaningful relationships
  • Provide professional products and services
  • Build key services for future marketing opportunities

while keeping abreast of new technology.




We are committed to providing complete information systems and hardware solutions to satisfy our clients individual needs


Your security is our business

IT Security is one of the most challenging areas for enterprises nowadays. Different cyber crime incidents reveal that security threat can be happened in any IT systems. We, Blade IT, are committed to work closely with our customers, providing specific and personalized IT security service to fit different customers’ needs.

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Email: sales@bladeit.co.za