About Us

BLADE IT is privately owned and was established in 2009. With an experience level in IT distribution, reselling and repairs, we are more than capable to offer every one of our customers expert advice and excellent service. We believe in providing quality customer service. We are always reasonable and keep an open mind. If there is a problem then we endeavor to solve it.

BLADE IT has an army of techies that will ask the right questions, confuse you with lingo and then draw some pretty diagrams. But your idea doesn’t stop here, let’s Hack it together!

Our vision has since broadened to the point that we primarily supply & maintain a wide variety of IT solutions including servers, personal computers, notebooks, computer peripherals, wired & wireless networks as well as Voice over IP telephony services. Included in our products are complete or partial IT maintenance agreements that can be provided to small & medium businesses.

We bring your Ideas to Life

We have a full range of packages to suit your needs whether you are a small, mid-size, or large multi-site corporate, contact us so that one of our professional sales consultants can advise you on a package that best suits your needs. Furthermore, if your business requirements change further down the line you can scale up or down to match your needs, or simply adjust to include additional services such as call recording, voice, PBX, VPN, or any cloud based services.
User Experience


UX design includes design and user research, information architecture, interaction design, usability testing, and content strategy. We take the human-centered approach of UX design to help understand how people think, and what motivates them.

Mobile Application


We specialise in high impact mobile app solutions that are customised to suit your needs, including seamless integration with existing information systems and brands. Using microservices architectures allows teams to work in parallel, build resilient and robust architectures that can be changed faster and scaled more effectively. We design, develop and launch high quality mobile apps for iOS and Android (Native or hybrid).


Design & Development

A beautiful, simple to use website is essential for your business. We design and develop high quality responsive web and mobile sites. Focusing on user centered design, content, usability, and simplicity.



Every website needs routine maintenance, regularly checking your website for issues and mistakes and keeping it updated and relevant. Our packages even come with retainer hours. Maintenance should be done on a consistent basis in order to keep your website healthy, encourage continued traffic growth, and strengthen your SEO and Google rankings..

Computer Repair

Computer Repair Services Our highly qualified team of technical experts offer a comprehensive range of computer repair services. With many years of hard earned experience fixing PC related issues on some of the first ever released desktops, to diagnosing and repairing issues on the latest Core i7 desktop and server computers, Our technicians have seen and fixed it all. 

Computer Upgrades

Computer Upgrade Services Don’t give up on your old computer! We offer a wide range of computer upgrade services that will get your trust old computer operating the way you need it to. There are several different upgrade options that can severely increase the performance of your desktop computer. Chat to our technical experts about how we can help.

Custom PC Builds

Custom PC Assembly Our technical team are able to help you to get your ultimate computer set up exactly the way you want it. We have years of experience assembling high end custom gaming and graphic computers for our clients. We can help to get your case set up and lit up with RGB lighting exactly the way it needs to be.


  • Custom Computer Assembly
  • PC Building And Case Changes
  • Cable Management
  • RGB Lighting Setups
  • FAN Installations
  • Air Flow Control
  • Water Cooling Systems

Virus Removal & Malware Fix

  • Current protection software evaluation
  • Anti Virus and Internet security recommendations
  • Assessments on software requirements
  • Virus Removal
  • Malware Removal
  • Removal of PUP (Potentially unwanted programs)
  • Data retrieval and backu
  • Drive Security Check


Digital Forensics

Digital forensics, which includes both cellular and computer forensics is the service of collecting, preserving, analysing and presenting digital-related evidence. With 10 years plus trading experience, we provide digital forensic services to attorneys, accountants, auditors and private investigators in and around South Africa.