With high speed, top-quality Internet access, Blade IT LTE-A offers the best connectivity even for the most demanding users and applications. Growing consumer demands, unique business needs and sophisticated technological advancements require next-generation network coverage. This puts local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) under constant pressure to offer faster, more reliable connectivity that is still affordable to the consumer. Wherever there is high-density LTE-A coverage, you will have a distinct advantage over a wired network like ADSL. Particularly if you’re looking to obtain services quickly with minimal disruption during installation that performs at fibre like speeds and that are significantly faster from what is available on the current mobile networks.Know More..


25gig Mobile Data R349
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Bundled 2meg Uncapped Data + ADSL 2meg Telkom Line Rental Promo R249 p/m (R50 once off)
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Requirements to apply for any of our Adsl line and data packages:
1) Copy of ID
2) 1st page of Telkom bill
3) Contact Details
**Takes ±21days, depends in which area you are.

What you will need:
1) Telkom landline (not prepaid)
2) Adsl modem (not supplied)
**We will convert the line to adsl, free.

If you don’t have a Telkom landline, click here to download the Telkom application form

Unlimited voice calls to all networks (in south africa) – R299 p/m (once off R50)
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Mobi is a virtual simcard, an application allowing users to make and receive calls from their mobile phones using the Blade IT infrastructure.

Cost Management

Month-to-month basis, so you aren’t trapped into long contracts. Unlimited calls to all networks day and night. No need to talk a hour and redial again. Not suitable for call centers.


International Call rates

Please Note:

  • All prices include VAT
  • Excluding Non-Geographic service numbers (eg. 0860, 088, 089 etc)
  • RICA documents required– Copy of ID and proof of residence
Starter Website Promo at a low price of R299
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Premium 100GB Unshaped Data – R99 p/m
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Product Overview

Premium data designed to allow consumers the best possible experience at an affordable price on either ADSL or high-speed VDSL connections. The advantage is that all unused data rolls over to the following month indefinitely and doesn’t expire while you are subscribed to Premium data. *The maximum limit of unused (roll over) data is equal to six (6) times your current monthly cap.

***Requirements – Telkom adsl line & adsl modem

Benefits and Features

  • Highly-prioritised data for access accounts such as ADSL and VDSL.
  • Prioritised/Unshaped usage
  • Offered on all line speeds
  • Cost-effective
  • Unused bandwidth rolls over to the following month*
  • All packages are month to month subscriptions
Location based domains, .joburg, .capetown & .durban domain name
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With companies across South Africa winding things down toward the end of the year, all eyes are set on making 2017 a very positive year for business. New location based domains,  .joburg, .capetown & .durban domain name, which includes 1 e-mail address, point to your fb, twitter, Instagram, your existing website, or any social media you wish, or just park it.
What can a geo-specific generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) do for you?
1.  Boost your SEO
With a geo-specific gTLD all search engines will know where they are and will be able to rank your website appropriately for location-based searches.
2.  Give you a competitive edge.
Help you stand out from your competition with a domain name that showcase your company’s out-of-the-box thinking and modern approach to their business.
3.  Local is lekker
Over the past few years there has been a considerable rise in consumer awareness focused toward supporting ‘local’ due to the increasing benefits in  local economy. Help make business stand out to other Joburgers, Capetonians or Durbanites with a geo-specific gTLD that will assist in attracting more local support.
1GB mobile data R49 – 2GB mobile data R89 – 3GB mobile data R139
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Mobile data. Stay connected wherever you go.

We get that you’ve got places to go, but need to stay connected. Whether you’re between meetings, at the gym or picking the kids up from school, you’ll never miss a mail or a social update.

Our mobile data gives you the freedom to be on the move, and remain connected.

  • It’s mobile data for SIM card-enabled devices.
  • You can choose between contract and prepaid options.
  • You have a choice of tailored plans for business and personal needs.
  • You get extensive national network coverage

Package Information

Contract Period
No contract (month-to-month plan)
Data Bundles
Hard Capped
Selection of packages available
No data carry over
Data Management
Online setup including:
– data depletion notifications
– detailed usage reporting
Top-up Options
Top-ups available online
50GB top up limit per month
Data carry over till end of following month