Unless a contrary intention clearly appears, the following terms shall have the following meanings –

1.1 RICA means the Regulation of Interception of Communication Act

1.2 Kbps means kilobits per second

1.3 Mbps means Megabits per second

1.4 MB means Megabyte

1.5 GB means Gigabyte

1.6 FUP means Fair Usage Policy which applies as and where specified to uncapped data plans

1.7 Network Coverage means the geographical area within which the Internet Services can be accessed and used by the subscriber

1.8 Equipment means the hardware, including but not limited to a modem and router, which are owned by BLADE IT.

1.9 Migration means moving to a package of the same technology of either a lower or higher subscription value

1.10 Bundle means where more than one service is packaged as one solution

1.11 Data Cap means the amount of data allocated as part of the package subscription (ex. 1GB is allocated on the package and once the 1 GB is depleted additional data would need to be purchased or out of bundle usage will apply

1.12 In-Bundle means the allocated data included as part of the subscription being used. This will differ based on the size of the package applied for Out-of-bundle means the data that is being used after the in-bundle data has been depleted

1.13 Managed Service refers to managing and maintenance of customer premises equipment related to the contracted link.

1.14 Licenced: Spectrum is regulated by ICASA in the RSA.

1.15 Unlicensed: Unlicensed spectrum is an Open Spectrum, sharing with surrounding other devices on 2,4Ghz and 5,8Ghz.

1.16 Customer PTP: Customer point to point solutions used for interconnecting branches.


These provisions are applicable to all wireless services except where stated otherwise with in the subdivisions of this service in this document.

2.1 Purchases on Account will be limited to the subscriber’s applicable credit limit as determined by BLADE IT

2.2 Customer location must be in the service coverage map.

2.3 If the service is not feasible, as a result of network coverage, the application and order will become null and void.

2.4 The service is subjected to a physical site survey.

2.4.1 Site survey is the first phase of the installation, if the subscriber insists on a pre-installation site survey, the subscriber is responsible for the cost of the site survey

2.5 The quoted pricing is indicative and is subject to change based on the physical site survey.

2.5.1 If the pricing is affected after the site survey, the customer can re-sign for the same period with the adjusted pricing.

2.5.2 If the pricing does increase after conduction of the site survey, the customer may choose not resign the contract with adjusted pricing without incurring penalties for the site survey.

2.6 Failure to provide the correct information on the LOS document can result in an incomplete survey thus delaying final installation and a penalty fee will be charged.

2.7 Customer PTP solution pricing may vary from standard pricing in terms of installation fees and/or monthly recurring fees.

2.8 In the event that a cherry picker is required to access a site, this will be for customer’s account.

2.9 In the event that equipment has to be swapped out the once off installation and / or decommission fee applicable to the required bandwidth will apply

2.10 Landowner’s consent is required

2.11 Customer LAN and networking equipment is excluded (i.e. phones, headsets, network switches, cabinets etc.) and will be quoted separately or be a prerequisite to installation where necessary

2.12 In Contract: New Pricing will be available to current customers under the following conditions:

2.12.1 New contract is signed and must be for the same period as the existing contract i.e. the original contract is 24 months, a new 24 month contract will need to be signed.

2.12.2 The value of the new contract must equal or exceed the Rand value of the existing contract (rounded down to the next lowest Mbps where required)

2.13 Out of Contract:

2.13.1 New pricing will apply to any new contract signed

2.14 The contract term is Month to Month, 6,12,24 or 36 months with 30 days’ notice for cancellation after expiration.

2.15 Early cancellation fee applies if service is cancelled before the end of contract: outstanding months x Monthly Recurring Cost

2.16 BLADE IT reserves the right to change the layer 2 link provided that the customer is left with a similar or better quality link.

2.17 Cancellation fee applies if service is cancelled between service order and implementation.

2.18 Billing commences from installation and activation of the wireless service


3.1 All hardware will include a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty.

3.2 All BLADE IT LTE-A packages are “best-effort” services and Upload and Download speeds cannot be guaranteed.

3.3 An early cancellation of the contract is allowed but a subscriber will be responsible for an early cancellation penalty.

3.3.1 Early cancellation penalty fee – A subscriber will be charged 3 x normal monthly subscription and be liable for the full remainder of the hardware cost of the contract term.

3.4 Downgrades and upgrades of BLADE IT LTE-A packages are allowed in and out of contract with a month’s notice.

3.5 BLADE IT LTE-A packages will be available on month-to-month and 24 month contracts only

3.6 Bandwidth caps included in monthly subscription will be replenished on the 1st of every month

3.7 Top-ups can be purchased once on account and thereafter via Credit Card.

3.8 Customers will be billed for the volume of data sent and received.

3.9 Any unused monthly data shall be forfeited at the end of every calendar month;

3.10 Data may not be carried over to the next calendar month;

3.11 Should a Customer sign a contact during a month other than on the 1st, the data and the billing will be done pro-rata accordingly for the remaining days of the particular month and the Customer will be billed along with the first full calendar month billing;

3.12 Add on bundles will be valid for 30 (thirty) days. As an example, should a Customer purchase a Add on bundle on the 25th of October, the Add on bundle will expire on the 24th of October at 23:59;

3.13 Any unused Add on bundle shall be forfeited at 23:59 on the expiry date.

3.14 Data transfer speeds are not guaranteed and are dependent on network coverage, availability and utilization.

3.15 Top-up means a pre-paid voucher for additional data that is purchased once a subscriber has reached their data cap/limit

3.16 Upon reaching the data limit/cap for the month, the Subscriber will be required to top up in order to continue normal service.

3.17 Customer location must be in the service coverage map.

3.18 Services which are provisioned outside of the coverage area are provisioned at the customer’s risk and will not be liable for cancellations or refunds base on service performance.

3.19 Failure to adhere to agreed delivery arrangements with the courier company will result in a shipping penalty being charged and cancellation of the contract.

3.20 Failure of the delivery company to reach the customer in five attempts to make delivery arrangements will result in cancellation of the contract.

3.21 In the event that a cherry picker is required to access a site, this will be for customer’s account.

3.22 In the event that equipment has to be swapped out the once off installation and / or decommission fee applicable to the required bandwidth will apply

3.23 Landowner’s consent is required for outdoor unit installations.

3.24 Deliveries can only occur as of the 15th of September 2017.

3.25 The double your data promo runs until the 30th of November 2017.

3.26 Customers who sign up to the double your data promotion will receive double their data every month until the end of November 2018