BLADE IT is privately owned and was established in 2005. With an experience level in IT distribution, reselling and repairs, we are more than capable to offer every one of our customers expert advice and excellent service. We believe in providing quality customer service. We are always reasonable and keep an open mind. If there is a problem then we endeavor to solve it.

Our vision has since broadened to the point that we primarily supply & maintain a wide variety of IT solutions including servers, personal computers, notebooks, computer peripherals, wired & wireless networks as well as Voice over IP telephony services. Included in our products are complete or partial IT maintenance agreements that can be provided to small & medium businesses.

We have standardized the equipment we install to brands such as Mikrotik, Ubiquiti, Dlink, Snom, Hewlett Packard, Acer, Gigabyte, Intel etc.

BLADE IT has been providing advanced, straightforward hosting solutions since 2009, and has quickly risen to leadership in the web hosting industry due to our customer-focused mission: to make hosting reliable, helpful and easy.

Our connectivity is provided through a highly redundant network path that optimizes the routing of all data. Our network optimization is enabled by probes, which allow us to automatically route data along the best path. Customer service is the single most important key to a successful hosting experience, and BLADE IT goes the extra mile to provide it.


 Treat all people with respect and dignity; value differences

Pursue an unrelenting quest for quality; use speed and simplicity to achieve goals

Conduct ourselves with the highest level of integrity and business ethics

Place the interests of customers first; our success depends on your success

Commit to teamwork; seek out and use the ideas and skills of all associates

Reach for the highest standards of performance; show a passion for winning